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Free Phone With Maxis Talkmore plans

If you are planning to buy some gadgets, it is a good idea to do so at the end of the year because there will be so many Christmas and New Year offers during this time. Maxis is also having some attractive promotions currently where you can even get a smartphone for free when you sign up for their postpaid plan.

From what I see currently at their website, there are four smartphones which you can choose from which are :

  • Samsung Galaxy Y Neo – Free with TalkMore 28 + 200MB data | RM56 monthly commitment | RM300 advance payment.
  • Huawei Ascend Y511 – Free with TalkMore 28 + 1GB data | RM76 monthly commitment | RM500 advance payment.
  • HTC One – RM799 with TalkMore 48 + 1GB data | RM96 monthly commitment | RM800 advance payment.
  • Samsung Galaxy Ace 3 – RM149 with TalkMore 28 + 1GB data | RM76 monthly payment | RM500 advance payment.

If you ask me, I would say that the offers above are worth your money only if you have intention to sign up for a postpaid plan with data. If you are going to get into 24 months contract just for the sake of getting the phone cheaper but pay monthly for something that you are not going to utilise, you might as well forget it and get the phone on cash instead because you will save a lot of money in long term by not getting into a contract. Seriously, 24 months contract can sometimes be a burden to you especially if you have other commitments. So think wisely.

As for the choices of phones, there are not many phone offered currently. Only HTC One looks attractive but it is a little outdated phone if you ask me. Samsung Galaxy Ace 3 seems to be interesting too because it supports 4G LTE but the specification of this device is average. It is a mid-range phone and you can’t expect much out of it anyway.

I wonder why Maxis is not having any special promotion for some latest devices such as Nokia Lumia 1520, Samsung Galaxy Note 3, Sony Xperia Z1 etc.

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